Airbiotics external probiotic cleaning products

“Airbiotics is the future of cleaning – a Bioscience technology all purpose cleaning product. Unique- airbiotics is an external probiotic which is chemical free, non gmo, non abrasive, alcohol free, environmentally friendly, organic, hypoallergenic, eliminates odours at source, is easy to use and is VERY cost effective.”  By working at the microscopic level and removing the dust, pet dander and microscopic mites that cause allergies, airbiotics is effective in removing the root cause for people who suffer these ailments.

Trialled in the UK by several contract cleaning companies with phenomenal feed back and results – stainless steel, granite, kitchens, washrooms, showroom floors, carpets, desks, glass, mirrors. Wc’s, offices, gyms, car showrooms, shops- a one stop environmentally friendly all purpose cleaner that is very cost effective and ticks the boxes.

Soil based probiotics are the oldest known organism on planet earth which gives airbiotics a sustainable environmentally friendly product that is kind to not only the user but the people or animals who populate the area that has been cleaned and most importantly the environment.  Airbiotics is a concentrated liquid and with our dilution rates of 1:100 airbiotics is extremely cost effective.  Costing as little as 11.25p per ready to use litre it is not only cost effective but storage requirement is greatly reduced.  Ease of staff training is an additional bonus for any potential employer.  Airbiotics Uk work along side our distributors to help in training key staff to ensure optimum usage and efficiency for the end user.

We will be attending the Cleaning Show 2017 at the Excell London from March 14-16. Our stand is B26 and we look forward to welcoming you and answering any questions should you visit us.

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