Airbiotics – tackle Aeroplane bacteria with chemical free airbiotics.

Bacteria can live up to 7 days in an aeroplane cabin. With the number of people flying all over the world every day its no wonder that aeroplanes can be one of the worst sources of harmful bacteria for travellers. Seat buckles, tray tables, overhead air vents and lavatories are among the eurfaces that collect the highest numbers of harmful bacteria like e.coli cocci and yeast.

Seat buckles- 230 CFU, tray tables -2155 CFU, overhead air vent – 285 CFU, lavatory-265 CFU. *values are calculated in Colony-forming Units per square inch (CFU). A CFU is a mass of individual cells of bacteria that grow together.

Airbiotics products are chemical free, non toxic, non flammable, non abrasive, alcohol free, hypoallergenic, allergy free- all requirements for cleaning in an aeroplane environment.

Protect yourself naturally with the power of Probiotics with Airbiotics.

Airbiotics mist to go and hand sanitiser can be placed in the bags provided at airports for travel in the cabin. The 60ml mist can then be used to neutralise and clean the bacteria on the buckles, seats and trays areas and the hand sanitiser after touching contaminated areas. Let us protect you!!!!!

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