Airbiotics UK -Helping Fulfill Your Social Corporate Responsibility Policy

Selecting #Airbiotics chemical & alcohol free, non toxic, non abrasive, non GMO organic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic all purpose cleaning products can improve/increase your companies Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

An environmentally friendly, ethical and sustainable product that also improves the work environment for your employees and customers alike.

No chemicals to fill the atmosphere and irritate respiratory or skin issues. Cost effective to keep your finance department on side, non hazardous to keep your risk and governance department happy and equally important “IT WORKS” which keeps your cleaning staff or contract cleaning company happy. Can you afford not to be using Airbiotics?

Visually clean whilst working to the microscopic level, Airbiotics keeps your surfaces free of harmful bacteria for 3 to 5 days after application. The bio film is digested, a protective “stabiotic” layer of probiotics takes its place keeping your surfaces protected.

For Further information please email or call Keith Harvey MD/Business Development on 07778106063