Environmentally Friendly, Ethical & Sustainable All Purpose Cleaning – Airbiotics

If environmentally friendly, ethical & sustainable is what your looking for then look no further!!

Airbiotics deliver all of the above whilst being;

  • Chemical & Alcohol free
  • Non Toxic, Non Gmo, Non Abrasive
  • Organic, Allergy free & Hypoallergenic
  • Cost effective with dilution rate of 1:100.

Airbiotics UK have distributors/resellers throughout the UK, Ireland & the Chanel Islands. Not only can you get the future of cleaning, which ticks all of the environmental, ethical and sustainable boxes, whilst giving a phenomenal clean right down to the microscopice level- it comes at the highly competitive cost of 12.6 pence per ready to use litre.

A recent UK report stated that “Cleaning will become the front line in the defence of public health in a post antibiotic era” Airbiotics all purpose cleaning products which continue to work for 3-5 days and work right down to the microscopic level makes it the perfect choice for your business. Cleaning at the microscopic level and removing the harmful allergens and pathogens has proven to reduce absenteeism, reduce lethargic staff and thus increase productivity.

A truly all purpose, chemical free, non toxic solution – Airbiotics gives phenomenal results on glass, mirrors, tiled floors and walls, work surfaces, stainless steel and any surface your staff require to clean. We will happily deliver a presentation, demonstration and leave a free trial quantity of Airbiotics for any business in the UK, Ireland & Chanel Islands. We are certain you will be very impressed with the results. At AirbioticsUK we are looking to develop long term partnerships and look forward to working with you.

If you would like to arrange a demonstration and trial please email office@airbioticsuk.com or call Keith on 07778106063 or office DD 01360449042