• I used the All Purpose Cleaner on everything: countertops, floors and my carpet cleaning machine! Also, I felt immediate relief from using the Airbiotic spray. It’s only been a few days and no more inhalers for me and my throat is clear!
    Susie in WI
  • I own a cleaning business and my clients loved it when I switch to Airbiotics. Once they learned I was cleaning their business offices with probiotics I secured more business with them and they wanted to find out more about Airbiotics products for their homes!
    Owner of J & A Pro Cleaning Airy in CA
  • I discovered that my son smoked inside the car this past weekend because when I opened the car door I almost passed out from the strong smell of cigarettes! This happened the same day my first Airbiotic Mist Spray arrived! I went into the house, grabbed the spray and shot out a tiny spritz in each corner of the car. In a few minutes I opened up the car and WOW! The cigarette smell was completely gone! Thanks so much Airbiotics!
    Carol in AZ
  • In my several years of cleaning for the hotel industry and as a mother of 3 children I have NEVER had an all-purpose cleaner that didn’t require me to wear gloves. Wow! I used your probiotic cleaner on everything in my own home and I didn’t feel all gross after cleaning my bathrooms. Everything I cleaned looked like it was polished! My home smells clean because of the odor removing probiotics and I’m excited to know the probiotics continue to work well after I’m done cleaning! Thanks so much!
    Priscilla in CA
  • I am so impressed with your all-purpose cleaner and allergy free spray! I have suffered most of my life from asthma and severe allergies. In fact, I have been taking Allegra D 12 hour for the last 9 years daily. After spraying my pillows for just a few days I tried not taking an Allegra pill before bed last night to see how I would wake up… I woke up without any itching puffy eyes and no sneezing! It’s a miracle! I even took the cleaning product to my job and cleaned around my desk. As someone in the medical profession I am always around sick patience. I refuse to use any other cleaner at home or at work! I am a true believer. Thank you so much Airbiotics!
    Prunchetta in NC
  • I made salmon for dinner and after throwing away the packaging and left over fish I sprayed my trash can with my Airbiotic All Purpose Cleaner. To my surprise my trash can did not smell at all the next morning. Normally, I would have had to take the trash out that same night but I completely forgot because there was absolutely no smell! I am impressed!
    Carlos in CA
  • My 2 dogs were sprayed by a skunk around 2:00am and I was too tired to bathe them. I brought them inside the house and sprayed them with your Stabiotic Mist. Immediately the smell of the skunk was significantly reduced and the next morning my home did NOT smell like skunk! Before I left for work I sprayed my dogs again and by the time I got home there was zero smell in the house or on either one of my dogs! TRULY AMAZED! Joan in CA
  • I have used your All Purpose Cleaner on EVERYTHING! I even take it to work with me. I use this on countertops to computer screens and everything in between! I love how there’s no harsh chemical smells or fragrances because I am extremely sensitive to chemicals. Using your cleaner has allowed me to replace all other cleaning products in my home and your cleaner fits with my green living lifestyle! Thank you so much!
    Nida in HI
  • Our family has 2 dogs and 2 cats whom we love very much. Unfortunately the dander from my pets drives my allergies crazy! Since I have been using this spray on my pets and in my home I have been able to breathe easier and my allergies have been significantly reduced!
    Rachel in OH
  • As someone in the Apartment Management business I know what it’s like to have a unit that has an odor that is difficult to get out. After using so many odor removers that claim to get odors out and being disappointed I was skeptical about using your All Purpose Cleaner and Spray. My first experience using the spray was in a home who had pets and obviously smoked indoors. Shockingly, your probiotic powered products actually worked! Within the same 10 minutes that I sprayed the mist I could immediately notice the huge difference! Also, after cleaning the apartment with your cleaner there was absolutely NO SMELL anywhere in the apartment!
    Lisa in CA


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